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OMNI Chiropractic

OMNI Chiropractic offers a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare management with a strong focus on neurological, muscular and skeletal complaints. Our commitment to our patients has earned us numerous awards including the prestigious Burlington readers choice award for Burlington's BEST chiropractic clinic. Dr. Kaushal was also voted as Burlington's BEST Chiropractor and BEST Acupuncturist.

We believe in diagnosing and treating the root cause of the problem not just the symptoms. We employ the latest research and latest technology to formulate the most effective treatment plans for each individual patient.

Our Goal

To establish ourselves as the leader for treatment of neuromusculoskeletal conditions and provide an unmatched level of service and care for our patients. The mission of the OMNI Chiropractic team is to provide the surrounding area top quality healthcare and make a profound impact on the city through various community events and involvement.

We hope that with our help we can empower patients to take an active role in owning and managing their own personal health. We are constantly striving to improve our service, techniques and knowledge to ensure we remain leaders in our field.

Just some of the conditions we commonly treat:

  Acute/chronic back and neck pain
  Pelvic and hip pain
  Shoulder, knee, ankle, and wrist pain
  Arthritis (degenerative joint disease)
  Repetitive strain injuries
  Muscle strains and ligament sprains
  Plantar fasciitis

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